Salt and Vinegar Potato Chip Crusted Cod

I’m really happy to be sharing this recipe with you! First of all, it was surprisingly tasty; and second  it’s not very often we post fish recipes here. I think this is number 3 out of almost 200! We eat a fair amount of fish…but not in comparison to the amount of sweets and pasta. I should work on that. :-/
This recipe was so good…I plan to make it regularly for weeknight meals. The fish only requires a couple minutes of prep time too. It really was delicious. Kara and I were both impressed and even Cliff, hater of fish, tried and liked it.

The mayo in particular gave it a subtle tangy, almost lemony flavor, and the chips were a perfect crust. If you’ve never had salt and vinegar chips, now is the time to try! Just use half the bag to coat the fish and snack on the other half of the bag. That’s what I did. Using chips as a crust was pure genius. However, my favorite part was the fish itself. Were the chips and mayo even necessary?? I’m not completely sure! Maybe next time I make cod I will try it minus the chips and see how it stacks up to this recipe.

Here's what you'll need

Start with mayo and a couple grinds of pepper

Slather the cod filets evenly with the mayo mixture

Now coat the fish with the crushed chips. That's all there is to it!

Pop the filets in the oven

These look perfectly done

Serve with your favorite veggies for a quick and delicious meal!