Butternut Squash Risotto

We are finally back from vacation and getting back into the swing of things. We had some blog issues while we were gone but luckily we got it straightened out. I’ve been back to work for 2 days and I’m already ready for another vacation! We had so much fun in Las Vegas at the wedding; I wish we were all still there. Hopefully I will be able to share some pictures of the wedding festivities later this week. Let me just say that I believe our friend Amanda might be the most organized bride that ever existed! It is actually pretty sickening how organized she is. She makes everyone else look bad! Every last detail of the wedding weekend was perfect.

While we were in Las Vegas we had the BEST risotto ever. I am going to try this weekend to recreate it. In the meantime, I have a different risotto for you. And this is a pretty darn good one too! I just started eating butternut squash a couple years ago and now I love it. It is the perfect addition to risotto. When you roast butternut squash it gets soft and creamy. So instead of adding cream to the risotto like I usually do, I added the squash. It was perfect, and slightly healthier!! I ate the leftover risotto for lunch for 3 days in a row. If there were more I would have eaten it all 5 days! If you are looking for a nice fall side dish this is an excellent choice!

Here is what you'll need

Cut the squash into 8 pieces and roast about 45 minutes

Scoop the squash out and mash it with a spoon

Begin rendering the bacon

Add the garlic and shallot

Add the butter and olive oil

Add the arborio rice

Coat the rice in the bacon grease and oil

Add the white wine and allow to evaporate. Start stirring.

Start adding the chicken broth 1/2 a cup at a time. Continue stirring.

Keep stirring, you are almost there!

Add the nutmeg. Just a dash.

Season with salt and pepper

Add the cheese

And finally the mashed squash, stir well.

Comfort food at its best!