Honeycrisp Apple Sangria

I always wished I was a lover of sangria. It’s a fun drink and I like the idea of booze soaked fruit. But I mostly see sangria made with red wine and red wine isn’t really my thing. This sangria is made with chardonnay and it showcases one of my favorite fall foods: honeycrisp apples.

The flavors all go really well together. You can definitely taste the citrus and the spices, but the honeycrisp apple flavor does not get lost in the shuffle. This sangria is great to make for company!! Or on any nice fall day for that matter!

We did notice that the fruit soaked up a lot of the alcohol so if you’re serving to more than 4 people, I would suggest at least doubling the recipe below.

Here's what you'll need

Pour a bottle of chardonnay in a bowl

Then the Schnapps

Honey goes in next

Add the quartered lemon, lime and orange and toss in the peeled and chopped apple

Then add the cinnamon sticks, ginger and cloves. Refrigerate!

Once it has refrigerated long enough strain it into a pitcher. Before serving, rim the glasses with the cinnamon sugar.

Add the fruit and serve over ice. The club soda adds the carbonation

So refreshing and delicious!