Chicken Vesuvio Sandwiches

Did you guys watch Food Network Star this past season? I am obsessed with Food Network. It is my go-to channel. If I don’t like what is on Food Network (which is rare) I turn on HGTV. If there is nothing on HGTV I try to find an episode of Hoarders! I just cannot get enough of Chopped and House Hunters though. Especially House Hunters International! So addicting. I just can’t stop watching. This is the first season that we have gotten into the Food Network Star show. I think after the 2nd episode Cliff and I picked our favorites. I picked Susie Jimenez and Cliff picked Jeff Mauro. And do you know who the final 2 contestants were? Susie Jimenez and Jeff Mauro! Jeff Mauro won, in case you don’t know. Cliff and I watched his show a few times and it was pretty interesting especially since he is a local guy, from Elmwood Park. He would feature some restaurants that we had been to and he really highlighted Chicago food. Luckily, his show has been renewed.

There were quite a few recipes from his show that we wanted to try but these chicken vesuvio sandwiches really stood out. We made them a few weeks ago and with a few minor changes and we really enjoyed them. We will definitely be making them again. This is a perfect recipe to make ahead if you are having a dinner party. Just keep everything warm in the oven and then assemble just before you are ready to eat. We felt that eating this as a sandwich was just a bit too much. I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in my mouth, so instead we served them open faced which worked out really well. Instead of doing mayo and cheese we just used a creamy cheese. It worked out really well. We also did not include the potatoes in our sandwich, but I am sure they would make a great side. Again, we will definitely be making these sandwiches regularly!

Here is what you'll need

Start by dredging the chicken in flour

Cook the chicken all the way through and move to the oven to keep warm

Saute the garlic, shallots, and seasoning

Add the chicken broth, lemon juice and white wine. Bring to a simmer

Saute the mushrooms in the olive oil

Add the peas at the last minute

Slice the bread and spread with cheese

Assemble your sandwiches and eat up!