Polenta Terrine

About 6 months ago my friend Melissa and I bought a Groupon type of coupon for a cooking class. Life got busy and we hadn’t gotten around to signing up for a class. At the beginning of October we were like, “We have got to sign up for a class before the coupon expires.” Melissa checked the website and the next class was risotto, polenta, a white wine pasta dish and tiramisu. Could there be a more perfect menu for me? Seriously, it was meant to be.

We didn’t really know what to expect of the class, but it was definitely beyond our expectations! The classes take place at Dave’s Specialty Foods in Mt. Prospect. It is a super cute shop that sells meats, cheeses, sandwiches and other hot foods. They also do A LOT of catering. There were about 18 people in our class and we had the best time! The food was amazing. The class was just over a month ago and I have already made this polenta 3 times. And I know Melissa has made it too. We even convinced Melissa’s husband to host a surprise party for her at the shop. And even our husbands enjoyed the class and talking with the chef/owner Dave. If you are local I highly recommend taking one of Dave’s classes.

I really, really loved this polenta. It is super easy to make but looks really nice. You can make it in a loaf pan and slice it or if you are hosting a dinner party you can make it in small ramekins, microwave it just before serving, flip it over, and you have an easy, fancy looking appetizer. Polenta tends to get hard after it is cooked. I made it for my lunches and once it was microwaved it was soft and creamy again. I have made it with marinara sauce (as Dave suggests) and sundried tomato pesto. I actually like it better with the marinara sauce. But either way, I think this would be a big hit for any dinner party. Melissa’s 8 month old Jack loved it too!

Here is what you'll need

Saute the onion and butter

Add the milk, salt and pepper

Gradually add the corn meal, whisking constantly

Let sit for 10 minutes then add the asiago cheese

Add a layer of polenta to either ramekins or a loaf pan. Then add the pestos and the top layer of polenta.

Flip them over to remove from ramekins and serve immediately