Brown Sugar Cookies

In the past few months I’ve been intrigued by browned butter…lots of other bloggers have raved about it, but for some reason I didn’t act on it until now. When I saw this recipe I knew it was THE ONE that would introduce me to world of browned butter. The idea of a brown sugar cookie sounded great to me already, but add the browned butter aspect and I was immediately sold.

My favorite cookie ever is Lemon Ricotta Cookies. I don’t think I will ever change my stance on that. However, these are second on my list. They were delicious: caramel-y and kind of nutty too. These cookies were soft in the middle and crisp on the edges.

When Kara and I made them a few weeks back I was trying to eat healthy so I only add a bite for quality control purposes. But later that night (probably right before bed!) I ate 2 more, one after the other, without even thinking twice. It was bad! But also good!

This weekend I’m getting together with my 2 best friends, Jen and Alana, to bake Christmas cookies. It’s tradition. We each choose a couple of recipes, then we get to work and end the day with cookies and gift exchange. Maybe some egg nog too. Kara does the same thing with her friends. These Brown Sugar Cookies, along with 2 other recipes, are the ones I chose to make. Can’t wait!

Here's what you'll need

Start off by browning the butter

This looks about right

Transfer the browned butter to the bowl of your stand mixer and add the remaining butter, set aside. When it's cooled mix on med-high speed until there are no lumps

Prep your sugar mixture in a shallow dish & prep your dry ingredients in another bowl. Come back to the cooled brown butter, add the vanilla. Sorry we forgot some pics

Add 1 whole egg plus an egg yolk

Mix in the dry ingredients until just combined

Roll the dough into balls then dip in the sugar mixture

Let the cookies cool on a baking sheet for a few minutes then transfer to a cooling rack

Who knew a brown sugar cookie could taste so good?