Chopped Salad

One of my favorite local restaurants is Pinstripes. I love the food, drinks, bocce and bowling. Whenever my family goes there we always get the chopped salad and split it family style. We finally decided to try and recreate this salad at home

This Chopped Salad is not your standard lettuce, cucumber and carrot salad! There are a lot of random ingredients (beans, chow mein noodles, 2 cheeses, tortellini, etc.), but they come together really nicely. One thing I like about this salad is that you can easily add grilled chicken or shrimp and turn it into a meal. Plus, the beans and tortellini make it pretty filling.

Note: I forgot that the Pinstripes version had cannelini beans so even though they aren’t pictured I did include them in the recipe.

Here's what you'll need

To fry the tortellini first dip in whisked egg then dredge in bread crumbs

Fry in vegetable oil until lightly golden. Transfer to a paper towel

That's the only work…throw all the other ingredients into a bowl and serve!

Just like our favorite chopped salad at Pinstripes