Hot Wings

There are lots of restaurants out there that have wing specials. I don’t know anything about these restaurants because wings are not my thing, but my guess is that you go on a Thursday night, you order 50 cent wings and eat 20+ with beers. I would much prefer the celery and blue cheese dressing…but to each their own. Wings are popular, especially for game time snacks, so it was time we made them too!

Kara actually brought these as an appetizer on New Year’s Eve. Everybody at the party enjoyed this fun finger food. They were hot but not overly so. You can add more or less hot sauce to suit your tastes. We cut up celery and carrot sticks to go along with them and served ranch dressing on the side. Lots of people like blue cheese dressing with their wings, but Cliff prefers the ranch. Kara makes these wings a lot so even though I’ve never tried them myself, I can assure you they’re the real deal. Try homemade wings next time instead of going to a restaurant. They just might be better than any wings you’ve had before!

On a side note…today is Kara’s birthday. I’m not going to give away her age,  but I will tell you that it’s a big one! Kara shares a birthday with a BFF of mine also. So today is a special day! Happy Birthday Kara and Alana!!! Love you guys!

Here's what you'll need

Take the wings out of the brine and dry them with a paper towel

Fry the wings for 10 minutes

While the wings are cooking, combine the hot sauce ingredients into a large bowl and mix until smooth

Wings look cooked! Use the basket to drain the oil

Transfer the wings to the bowl and make sure they're covered in sauce

Serve with ranch or blue cheese dressing and carrot sticks and celery on the side