Phyllo Cups with Brie

Even though I love sweets, can eat sweets day and night, and am a baker at heart, the type of food I’m most often in search of are appetizers. I’m always hoping that I’ll come across an appetizer so amazing it will stop me dead in my tracks. Something I can serve at a party and wow everybody. Something easy, delicious and different. We’ve been trying to come up with some original appetizer recipes and will be sharing them during the next couple of weeks.

Here is one of them. Kara made this recipe up after we tried the Crostini with Brie, Honey and Pear. We liked the brie and honey combo then so why not try another variation, right? In fact I’ve kind of been on a brie kick lately, it’s so good! We went with the phyllo cups mainly because they make an adorable  bite-sized finger food, but also because all the work is already done for you!

I liked that these were like individual baked bries. A crunchy shell and a soft, gooey filling. They were great! I’ll definitely be making them again and maybe even mixing it up a little…a different nut maybe?

Here's what you'll need

Start off by toasted the almonds in a skillet

Cut the brie into cubes small enough to fit in the phyllo cups

Place the cheese into the cups

Sprinkle with the toasted almonds then drizzle with honey

This is a perfect last minute recipe… and only 4 ingredients!