Hawaiian Bread Pudding

Thank you everyone for the great response to our 1 year blogiversary giveaway yesterday. I cannot believe we have been at this for 1 year already. I only wish we could buy a Keurig for all of our readers!  If you have not already entered the giveaway, there is still time!

Is anyone else as obsessed with Hawaiian bread as I am? We always have a loaf of Hawaiian bread in our breadbox, aka, the microwave. Sometimes, I melt a little butter and drizzle it over the bread with cinnamon and sugar and then pop it in the oven for a few minutes. I use the little rolls for pulled pork sandwiches, corned beef sandwiches, and sliders. I usually eat a couple plain rolls in my car on way to work in the morning as well. And, lets not forget the classic, spinach dip in a loaf of Hawaiian bread, appetizer. I cannot get enough of Hawaiian bread. I am always looking for an excuse to eat Hawaiian bread. If you have any great recipes that use Hawaiian bread I would love to hear them.

Since I love Hawaiian bread so much we decided to make bread pudding out of it, and since it is “Hawaiian” we decided to add some pineapple. And what goes better with pineapple than coconut? For us this was kind of a risk. To begin with, I’ve never actually made bread pudding and I’ve only ever eaten it a few times before. And I have NEVER had bread pudding with Hawaiian bread, pineapple, or coconut! But we love all of those things so we decided to give it a try. I am so glad we did, because it was one of the best things we have ever made, not to mention easy! If you love Hawaiian bread, you will definitely love this dessert. And bonus, there is Hawaiian bread and pineapple in it so it also qualifies as breakfast!

Here is what you'll need

Add the bread and the pineapple to a 9×13 inch pan

Heat the heavy cream and remove from heat once it begins to simmer

Pour over the white chocolate chips

Keep whisking until the white chocolate is melted

Beat the eggs and add to the white chocolate mix

Add the sugar, milk, and vanilla and whisk well

Pour over the bread and pineapple and sprinkle with coconut

The only thing better would be eating this in Hawaii!