Pretzel Bites

Last year we made these amazing pretzels. We are pretty obsessed with soft pretzels lately. Last week I had a burger on a pretzel roll, it was delish! We just can’t get enough of soft pretzels! I have to say the soft pretzels were one of my favorite things we have ever made. Unfortunately, we only made them once. They weren’t hard to make they were just a little time consuming. I am always looking for short cuts, so when my friend Melissa made these pretzel bites I knew I had to try them.

Kelly wanted salted ones, Cliff wanted asiago cheese ones, and I wanted cinnamon sugar ones. Luckily, this recipe is super easy so we were able to make all 3 varieties. These were super simple to make and they were almost as good as the ones that we spent the whole day working on. I always keep a bag of Rhodes dinner rolls on hand to make mini pizzas. I see a lot of pretzel bites in our future though. These are a must make for any party. The only problem we had was that we didn’t make enough! Just to be safe, I recommend making twice as many as you think you’ll need.

Here is what you’ll need + salt

Cut the rolls in half, shape them into balls, and let them rise

Place about 5 at a time into boiling water until they puff up

Transfer them to a baking sheet and bake. Add the cheese and salt just before they are done.

If you are making cinnamon/sugar pretzel bites dip them into butter then roll them in cinnamon/sugar.

Believe me, people will be fighting over these!