Roasted Garlic Hummus

When we first started this blog we created a master list of recipes we wanted to feature. Many of them we have shared and many of them are still waiting for their time. One of the things on the top of our list was homemade hummus. Kelly, Cliff, and I are huge fans of hummus. HUGE! I had only ever made my own hummus once before and it was just ok. Actually, it was a big disappointment. It is never good when you make something from scratch and then decide that the store bought version is better. Anyway, since we didn’t have a good recipe for hummus it kind of sat on the back burner and we continued with our store bought hummus.

Then, we found THE recipe. The recipe that would replace the store bought version forever. It met all of our requirements: garlic-y, easy, tasty. You know when you find a great recipe and there is no longer a reason to search for a better one? You already have the best, why keep looking? Well, that is this recipe for us. Our search is over. We have found the best roasted garlic hummus recipe out there.

We made this recipe at Kelly’s apartment. Her roommate, Alana, is our official taste tester. But Alana does not like garlic. (I know, it is totally crazy) So when she saw how much garlic (2 heads + 2 cloves) was going into this hummus I think she was a little concerned. But she takes her taste testing duties very seriously and gave it a try anyway. I guess you know how the story ends. She loved it! Of course. Was there ever any doubt? I think I am immune to garlic. But for me, the garlic flavor was not that strong. Everything about the recipe was perfect. I would not change a thing. If you are looking for a great garlic hummus recipe, this is it!

Here is what you'll need

Brown the garlic chips in olive oil

Squeeze the roasted garlic from the skins

Process the chickpeas, roasted garlic, salt, and cayenne pepper

Add the water/lemon juice and continue to process

Add in the tahini and reserved olive oil

Garnish with the garlic chips, pine nuts, and parsley. Serve with carrots, celery, and pita bread