Pasta with Peppers and Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken

When we made Mexican Stuffed Peppers last week, Kara bought a bag of these cute mini bell peppers from Marianos. We stuffed a couple of the mini peppers same as our normal sized Mexican Stuffed Peppers, but decided to save the rest and make something fun with them later. We came up with a simple angel hair pasta where the bell peppers and prosciutto wrapped chicken are the stars of the show. We ended up serving this pasta for my Mom’s birthday dinner this past weekend and we all really liked it.

The sauce is basically the same as the sauce we make for our Linguine with Broccoli. There is just something about a lemon-garlic-wine sauce that I love. It pairs great with vegetables and it’s a refreshing change from a normal red sauce.

This is a great dinner to serve for guests because it looks fancy but it’s really easy to prepare. We had orange, red and yellow mini bell peppers and the colors really popped against the angel hair pasta. Because the sauce adds no color it is important to get color from somewhere else! The pop of green from the parsley was a perfect finishing touch.

Note: When you’re making the sauce, taste test it as you go along and add more lemon juice, heavy cream or wine to suit your taste buds. Also, DO NOT forget to reserve a cup of pasta water. It is important to add the pasta water  at the end to keep it all moist! We reserved about a half cup before draining the noodles and ended up wishing we had reserved more.

Here's what you'll need

Start by pounding the chicken breasts thin

Wrap the chicken in prosciutto

Start browning the chicken

In a large Ziploc bag, add the sliced peppers along with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Shake the bag

Lay the peppers on a baking sheet and roast for about 20 minutes

In a large skillet heat 3 Tbsps olive oil & saute garlic just until fragrant. Pour in a cup of wine. Then add the juice of 2 lemons

Pour a half cup heavy cream last and whisk together. Remove from heat

Add cooked pasta to the skillet. Make sure you reserve at least 1 cup pasta water. You'll need it to keep this pasta moist

Add the zest of 1 lemon on top then toss everything together

Add the roasted peppers next

Serve with the prosciutto wrapped chicken on top