Skittles Vodka

This past Christmas, Kara and Cliff bought me a really cute beverage dispenser from Crate & Barrel, a handle of my favorite vodka (Skyy…ha!) and the 3 airtight glass bottles you see in the picture above. Oh yeah, they also got me a jumbo size bag of Skittles. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they wanted to make Skittles Vodka. And…well…I support that. Just recently Kara divulged to me that she almost bought me a Kindle but didn’t think I would like it. Should I be offended that she thought a Skittles Vodka kit suited me better? Nah.


I’ve heard of people soaking different things in vodka before. In fact, for Alana’s birthday back in January we experimented by soaking Swedish Fish in vodka. That was a bust and a waste of perfectly good Swedish Fish. I think gummi bears may have worked, but since we had a bag of Swedish Fish leftover from Jen’s wedding we improvised. Lesson learned.

Just because my first attempt at candy infused vodka was not a success didn’t mean I wouldn’t try again. I am not a quitter. Luckily the Skittles Vodka worked like a charm. A lucky charm. :)

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, what better drink to celebrate with than rainbow vodka?!? Forget green beer! You can serve Skittles Vodka a couple different ways. First, there’s shots, which is straight vodka that tastes like Skittles. Or (and maybe the wiser choice) Skittles Vodka mixed with something like club soda or 7-Up. The choice is yours. But don’t let St. Patty’s pass you by without trying this festive drink.


Here’s what you’ll need

Start by separating the skittles. We went with purple, green and red

Pour the skittles into empty water bottles

Like so…

Pour in the vodka

Shake vigorously. Kara and I both let out a lot of aggression during the shaking process

Let the bottles sit for several hours shaking them every so often

Finally, strain the vodka through coffee filters and into clean bottles

Now take a shot straight…or mix it with club soda! It tastes just like Skittles…vodka!!



Skittles Vodka

Prep Time 5 minutes
Course beverage


  • handle of vodka (we used Skyy)
  • empty (16 fl oz) standard size water bottles, as many as Skittle flavors you’re making
  • 14 oz bag Skittles
  • coffee filters


  • Start by separating the Skittles into bowls, a separate bowl for each color. Drop the Skittles into empty water bottles, one color per water bottle. Pour vodka into the bottles next, filling the bottles about halfway full. Close tightly and shake vigorously. Let the bottles sit for several hours, shaking them every so often.
  • Using a funnel with a coffee filter fit inside, pour the infused vodka from the water bottle into a different bottle or container. The coffee filter helps keep the candies out as well as the little flecks of “stuff” that form
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