Thai Cucumber Salad

One of Cliff’s favorite cuisines is Thai food. He LOVES pad thai. We go to a local place and for about $9 he gets enough pad thai for dinner and 2 lunches. I like Thai food but there are only a few dishes that I will eat. Pretty much just rama chicken and the cucumber salad they serve as a side. Our local place has a really great scallop appetizer that I like as well. It is sautéed scallops with a lemon soy-sauce sauce. Last time we were there I ordered the scallop appetizer and the cucumber salad. I was expecting a small salad of cucumbers, carrots, red onions, (which I, of course, would pick out) and a tangy dressing. But this salad has an unexpected component. Crab meat. I knew right away that we would need to recreate the salad.

The crab at our local place was actually just imitation crabmeat. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with imitation crab meat; I actually really like it! But being as though I am a partner in a food blog I thought I might lose some street cred if I put out a recipe with imitation crabmeat. If you don’t mind a little imitation crabmeat once in awhile then feel free to use it. I actually thought it looked nicer than the lump crabmeat I got from the butcher.

Also, the dressing is a little fussy. Once you heat the sugar and vinegar let it cool for about 5 minutes and then mix it with the rest of the salad. When the dressing first touches the cucumbers it kind of seizes up. But don’t worry once it mixes with the water from the cucumbers it will be just perfect. If you let it sit in the pot too long the sugar will harden. Just reheat it over low heat until the sugar has dissolved. I really enjoyed this salad. If you don’t like sweet food, you may not like it though. You could adjust the amount of sugar and add more sriracha to make it less sugary and spicier. For me, it was perfect!

Here is what you'll need

Slice the cucumbers

And the carrot and onion too

Heat the sugar and vinegar until the sugar is dissolved

It should be clear and syrupy like this

Add the sriracha

Assemble everything and coat with the dressing

Just like the salad at a Thai restaurant!