Gooey Biscoff Cake Bars

I think I’m more excited about this particular recipe than any other recipe I’ve seen or tried for a long time. Kara texted me a week or so ago and said that she bought a jar of Biscoff Spread. This alone was huge news! We had been looking for Biscoff for ages! I’ve seen the cookies, but never the spread!

For any Chicagoans, you can find Biscoff at Meijer and World Market. I suggest that you buy it right away. If you’re into Nutella then you’ll be into Biscoff. They don’t taste at all alike, but believe me…if you love Nutella then you will love Biscoff. Maybe even more! This past weekend I went to Kara and Cliff’s and immediately grabbed a spoon and tried the Biscoff. Oh em gee!

As soon as these bars came out of the oven, I cut 1 line into squares and immediately ate 3 of them. They were so amazing! The inside was soft and gooey and the Biscoff flavor was perfect! At first sight, these kind of look like pumpkin bars. But they’re not! I can’t really explain what Biscoff tastes like, you need to try them yourself!

Here's what you'll need

For the cake layer, combine cake mix, egg and butter. Set aside

Do the filling next. In a clean bowl, beat Biscoff and cream cheese until smooth

Press the cake layer into the bottom of a 9×13 inch baking dish

To the filling, add remaining eggs, butter and vanilla. Beat until smooth

Add confectioners' sugar last.

Spread the filling on top of the cake layer and bake for 40 minutes

The best gooey bars I've EVER had!