Spinach Feta Turkey Burger on Olive Focaccia

Normally I’m not a big fan of burgers. I don’t know why for sure, most likely because I’m not big on beef in general. I used to hate the days my parents made burgers for dinner growing up. Yuck. I do however like turkey burgers. LOVE them actually! And recently I’ve been craving turkey burgers pretty often.

The butcher at Marianos has chicken sausages with spinach and feta cheese. I’ve never tried them, but these sausages were the inspiration behind our turkey burgers. Turkey burgers with feta cheese and spinach sounded so good to me! And grilling on a beautiful day sounded great too.

Because of the feta cheese, we decided to throw olives and oregano into the mix to put a Greek spin on the burgers. We bought a soft olive focaccia from Marianos and added fresh oregano to the burgers. The combination of ingredients was perfect!

Here's what you'll need

In a large bowl combine ground turkey, feta, spinach, chopped oregano, garlic and s&p

Form into small burgers and grill. It's as easy as that! We should have flattened ours a little more…

Turkey burgers with a Greek spin 🙂