Biscoff Pretzel Bites

A couple of weeks ago we posted these Gooey Biscoff Cake Bars. This was my introduction to the world of Biscoff. There’s no turning back. They were indescribably great. Then, more recently, we tried these Biscoff Pretzel Bites. Now I’m convinced that anything paired with Biscoff will knock my socks off.

One thing is for sure…I will never be without a jar of Biscoff Spread again. Along with peanut butter and Nutella there’s likely no other ingredient that can come close to comparing.

We made these about 2 weeks ago and froze them to save for Mother’s Day. It’s a good thing we did because our Mother’s Day dessert ended up being an epic fail. But these…of course…were a hit. My whole family remembers the goodness that was the ATA cookies (I mean…how could you forget?), and while not the same, the Biscoff Pretzel Bites parallel those cookies. The flavor is on point and add to that a salty pretzel and a dunk in white chocolate. This is the perfect snack. Perfect. Perfect.


Here's what you'll need

In a stand mixer, combine butter and Biscoff Spread until smooth

Add vanilla, confectioners' sugar and brown sugar and continue to beat

Roll Biscoff mixture into teaspoon sized balls then sandwich between 2 pretzels

Freeze pretzel sandwiches for about 30 minutes

Finally, dip halfway into melted white chocolate. Garnish with sprinkles, if desired

holy moly!!