Garden Update

Well, it has been just over a month since we planted our garden. So far we have harvested 1 pickle, 1 green pepper, some celery, and lots and lots of herbs. I don’t eat peppers but Kelly enjoyed the pepper straight from the garden.

So here is our progress so far:

See that pepper?

Maybe some of you gardeners can help me out with my pepper problem. Almost as soon as I planted that green pepper plant the pepper started to grow. My other pepper plants grew bigger and taller and have lots of blossoms but this one just started growing one pepper. It seemed like the plant was using all of its power to grow the pepper and there were no new buds. I decided to pick the pepper in order to let the plant grow. Did I do the right thing?

Here, we have sport peppers

I need to learn how to can so that Cliff can have fresh sport peppers for his hotdogs all year round. Any canning tips for me?

See that pickle? I just ate it for dinner!

I have not had a fresh from the garden pickle in years. I forgot how much I love them! I sprinkled it with a little salt and it was amazing. I am wishing I planted more pickle plants! Is it too late?

Look at that cauliflower!

I am shocked that my cauliflower is growing. I really thought it was a long shot! My question here is, once I pick this one, will another grow? I am thinking and hoping, yes! Cliff took this picture late last week and the cauliflower is actually much bigger now! So excited for fresh cauliflower!

Just for kicks, here is my corn!

Now, as I stated in my other garden post, corn was my real long shot plant. Well, it is definitely growing but it is yet to be seen whether this thing will yield any popcorn. At the rate this thing is growing it is going to be taller than my house by the end of July! I seriously will be so impressed if Cliff is able to make homemade popcorn from corn grown in our garden.

Thanks for coming on my garden tour. Hopefully, next time I will have veggies coming out of my ears!! If you  have any tips or comments for my please let me know.

Don’t tell Cliff but I am already thinking of building another bed for next year!