Pesto Pizza Bread with Chicken and Roasted Red Peppers

Growing up there was this restaurant called Garibaldis. I know for a fact we’ve discussed Garibaldis on this blog before…how could we not? It was THE place to go on half days back in junior high! They had everything from pizza to pasta to sandwiches to waffle fries to long branch fries to grilled cheese. Not to mention Italian ice. It was heaven. Garbaldis closed several years ago and just recently re-opened in another part of town. I visited with my BFF a couple weeks ago and I’m not going to lie…we ordered an XL pizza.

In high school, I went with my then-boyfriend at least 2 times a month and every single time I got the garlic bread pizza. It’s a shock that I didn’t weigh 500 pounds. With the pasta dishes they would give you this garlic bread that was SOO GOOD! The garlic bread pizza was simply pizza made with this bread.

When Kara suggested we make pizza bread my mind immediately went to the Garibaldis pizza bread from back in the day. My initial thought was probably something like…hell yeah! Then I got to her house and she revealed her plan to throw roasted red peppers into the mix AND roll it up. Huh??? This is not what I had in mind, and I don’t know if Mr. Baldi would agree with this method.

We went with it and the end result was a success. Always trust Kara. It was gooey in the middle and crusty on the outside. Not a single bit like the pizza bread I had in mind, but delicious nonetheless. You can fill it with your favorite pizza toppings too. The only mistake we made was cutting our pizza bread before it had enough time to cool down. The cheese just oozed right out. But we were ravenous and had to dig in right away. Oops! :)

Here’s what you’ll need

Roll the dough out to about 13 inch round

Layer on the pesto then pieces of mozzarella

And then the chicken and roasted red peppers

Roll it up…that’s the hardest part!

Brush with egg wash then sprinkle with parmesan cheese

Try it…you’ll like it!