S’mores Pancakes

A little more than a year ago we made Sour Cream Pancakes that were to-die-for. We’ve made them a couple of times since then but just recently decided to branch out with the original recipe. Given that one of our favorite summer pastimes is making s’mores over a campfire it was natural for us to incorporate s’mores into our breakfast.

Deciding to merge pancakes and s’mores was one of our prouder moments. Pancakes with graham, mallow and chocolate is just right in every way. Period. Plus we had bought graham flour awhile back but never knew what to do with it. Problem solved!

Here’s what you’ll need

Combine dry ingredients first

Add the Greek yogurt

Whisk together egg and vanilla

Pour that in too

Finally add the marshmallows and chocolate chips

Flip once bubbles form on the pancakes

Serve with more chips and mallows. And some syrup too!

Holy S’mores