Baked Oatmeal Cups

A couple weeks ago I saw a recipe in Food Network magazine for Oatmeal baked in coffee mugs. I thought they looked really good but then I got to thinking that maybe this wasn’t the most practical idea because they wouldn’t be easy to freeze or transport. So while an excellent option for making a couple at a time, maybe not the best option for making an entire batch.

I mentioned the idea to Kara anyway because I am a total sucker for oatmeal. I love it! I eat oatmeal for either breakfast…or ahem…dinner at least once per week. Kara found a similar recipe, but using cupcake liners and it was immediately decided that we needed to try them.

We didn’t choose this recipe because it was healthy, although that is certainly an added bonus. Brenda from Sugar-Free Mom noted the weight watchers points and nutrition facts which I appreciate, but I don’t think I would fool any readers by saying that calorie counting is important to me, or that I do it…ever. I want something that tastes good, and if it’s healthy too…then I’ll just eat twice as much.

Well these Oatmeal Cups definitely taste good. In fact they’re my new favorite breakfast! We went with almonds, dried cranberries and chocolate chips for toppings but there are all sorts of combinations I’m going to try: walnuts, coconut, other dried fruit, maybe even frozen fruit. I keep a Ziploc full of Oatmeal Cups in the freezer and take one out before bed to thaw. Then I just pop it in the microwave the next morning and I have a healthy and yummy breakfast. They’re a cinch to make and an excellent breakfast or snack. (:

Here’s what you’ll need

In a large bowl mix together banana, eggs, applesauce, vanilla and honey. The add oats, cinnamon and baking powder

Pour in milk

Fill the cups 3/4 full the top with whatever toppings you wish

Store in the freezer…just take one out at a time the night before you want to eat!