Grilled Cheese with Peaches, Tallegio, and Sopresata

Today after work I went with a couple work friends on a happy hour boat cruise. We walked over to Navy Pier and enjoyed the beautiful night on the water. While there we started talking about food. Big surprise! Somebody mentioned that there is a newer restaurant that opened in the city called Cheesie’s. It has all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches. How awesome is that? I’ve haven’t been there yet because it’s kind of far away from me, but now that I know it exists I need to make the trip. Stat.

I like to think that this sandwich is an example of a fancy grilled cheese you might find at a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese. It’s fun and different and nothing like the kind you make using Kraft singles. Nothing.

This grilled cheese has one of my favorite cheeses…Tallegio! OMG Tallegio is so good. If you’ve never tried it, make sure you do. We get ours from Whole Foods. I don’t like sopresata so I picked that part off, but sopresata compliments the grilled cheese perfectly. The peaches and honey are kind of sweet, the cheese is creamy and the sopresata was crisp and had a bite. All of the important components were there.

You’ve got to try this grilled cheese!

Here’s what you’ll need

Slice the peach then drizzle with honey

Cook the sopresata until crisp

In a separate pan, cook the peaches until softened

Cut the pretzel bread in half and butter it

On one half of the spread spread on Tallegio cheese

Layer on the sopresata and the peaches

Cook on both sides until cheese gets gooey and bread crisps up

Make this fancy grilled cheese before summer is over!!