Peach, Blackberry and Thyme Sparkling Water

All winter long I cannot wait for Summer. Once we make it past 4th of July though I am usually ready to move on to Fall. Just the other day Kelly and I were saying how we are ready to switch to our fall wardrobes of bulky sweaters and boots. And, switch from light summer fare to comfort food. Yesterday I broke down and wore black boots to work. I just couldn’t wait any longer. One thing that I will miss about summer though is all of the fresh fruit. One of our favorite things to make with fresh fruit is infused waters.

Infused waters are great because you can pretty much throw any fruit into some water and you end up with flavored water without the sugar. Win-win. Last year we did cucumber water, strawberry-pineapple water, and citrus water. Those are still staples in our house but this summer we decided to change it up a bit. We decided on peaches, blackberries and thyme and sparkling water instead of still. I personally like still water but Cliff and Kelly are diehard Pellegrino drinkers. It was a great choice. We muddled the fruit a little so that the juice would really flavor the water. Also, the muddled blackberries gave the water a soft purple hue. Pretty + tasty is always good!

Here is what you’ll need

Slice the peaches

Add half of the fruit to the drink dispenser and muddle the fruit

Add the rest of the fruit, the ice, and the Pellegrino

Add the thyme

A perfect drink to enjoy these last few weeks of Summer