Spinach Artichoke Potato Skins

As I mentioned earlier this week I am trying out all kinds of appetizers and dips in preparation for football season. Our go to recipes the past few years have been: jalapeno poppers, pan fried onion dip, baked fontina, reuben dip, and pizza dip. It was time for some new ideas. A couple weeks ago Cliff and I did a long weekend getaway to St. Louis. Neither of had even been but we had a great time. Hopefully, I can share the pictures with you soon. While we were there I had spinach artichoke potato skins. I love potato skins but I have not had a potato skin in about 20 years! I didn’t even realize it was something you could make at home. I’m not really sure what I thought restaurants did to potatoes to make potato skins but I definitely thought it would be difficult!

Not the case. It took awhile to bake the potatoes but it was mostly hands off. I adapted my spinach artichoke dip slightly to make a filling for the potatoes. So, that part was easy. Then, I just baked the potatoes, coated them with oil and waited for them to crisp up. Anyone can do it! I really liked the potato skins I had in St. Louis but I must say, mine were even better! Now I am inspired to try more combinations. Like pizza potato skins!

Here is what you’ll need

Rub the potatoes with oil and bake for 45 minutes

Once baked slice the potatoes in half and scoop put the potato

Brush with oil and return to the oven to crisp up

Meanwhile, get started on the filling. Melt the butter and whisk in the flour.

Continue whisking and add the milk

Add the cheeses; keep whisking

Add the spinach,artichokes, and hot sauce. Stir to combine.

Cook the potatoes til they are crispy

Spoon the filling into the potatoes and put back into the oven

Truly de-lish!