Halloween Hurricane Vase

This past Saturday, Cliff was out of town leaving Kara and me on our own…with no photographer! It was a day off from cooking and baking. So what did we decide to do? Crafts…naturally. First, we started shopping for a DIY project that I CAN’T WAIT to fill you in on when complete…but in the meantime, Kara pinned this adorable Halloween vase a few weeks back and we decided it was the perfect opportunity for Mom and daughters to get together and make one for ourselves.

My Mom was in charge of the supplies. She found the hurricane vase pictured above as well as a smaller vase that nestles inside and leaves just enough room around the edges to fill. Then we chose some fun Halloween goodies. We went with Peeps, Candy Corn and Spice Drops. In the future, we will choose some smaller candies too like M&M’s or jelly beans because they are tiny enough to fill all the empty space. Finally, you’ll need some kind of filler for the top, like flowers or sticks.

We placed the smaller vase in the center of the larger one then decided what order we wanted to add the candies. We poured about 2 inches worth of candy corn all around the space between the big and small vases. Then we tucked the Ghost Peeps on top of the candy corn and poured another inch or so of candy corn on top. Next came the Pumpkin Peeps. We squished them as close together as possible so that the smaller vase behind the Peeps was not visible. Finally we poured the Spice Drops up to the rim of the larger vase.

My Mom picked out a pretty flower arrangement complete with yellow, white and burnt orange flowers and some greenery. She cut the flowers so that they would stand in the smaller vase at the right height, then we added those as the finishing touch. It turned out so cute!!

We are going to try other crafty combinations for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter too. That Pinterest…such fun ideas. :) Here are some links to a few other Halloween/Fall crafts and decor that I thought were pin-worthy. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve already busted out my fall boots…so it’s official…Fall is here!! Let’s get in the spirit!!

Painted Pumpkins
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Candy Corn Trees
(we actually made these on Saturday too)
Pumpkin Tower