Caramel Apple Baked Brie

When I go to parties I am usually drawn to the food table. Specifically, the cheese trays. I just love cheese. I really have not met a cheese I have not liked. I do not discriminate; I am an equal opportunity cheese eater. The smellier the better, if you ask me. Cheese balls, cheese spreads, sliced cheese, cheesy dips, and cheesecakes. Oh boy. I think I could live on cheese! At my house we used to always have cheese trays with assorted sliced cheeses and meats and we usually had cream cheese based dips. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered that people were wrapping whole wheels of brie in crescent rolls and baking them. Why was I not alerted of this trend earlier? I am a cheese lover, shouldn’t I have been told about this?

As much as I love brie wrapped in crescent rolls I decided to make this a little healthier. I put caramel sauce and peanuts on my cheese before I baked it instead of wrapping it in crescent rolls. You know me, healthy is my middle name. I am always looking for ways to healthify my snacks.

Please don’t leave me comments saying I am crazy if I think this is healthy. I am kidding people, kidding. I know that baked cheese dripping in caramel sauce can not in any way be considered healthy!

But I did serve this with apples. So at least that is healthy!

At the grocery store there are a ton of caramel apples for sale right now. So, I thought, how can I add cheese to a caramel apple? Well, caramel apple baked brie was my answer. And I must say, brie cheese is just what caramel apples needed. Otherwise, they are just so boring. Blah. They needed cheese. And cheese is what I gave them.

Here is what you’ll need

Stir together the caramel and the heavy cream

Pour the caramel sauce over the brie

Spread it around so it covers the cheese

Sprinkle with peanuts and bake

Serve this healthified baked brie with apple slices