Pizette Fritta

Oftentimes I find myself laying in bed or on the couch watching Food Network and Cooking Channel. It’s a bad habit really since I will undoubtedly turn the TV off feeling ravenous. A couple weeks ago I was watching David Rocco’s Dolce Vita. I like his shows in particular because of the Amalfi Coast episodes. The Amalfi Coast is one of my most favorite places evahhh. Also, I think he’s kind of dreamy.

I saw this recipe for Pizza Fritta and I knew both Kara and Cliff would be into it. The ingredients are basic and the steps are simple but sometimes these are my favorite recipes. Just rustic good, you know? I mean…all three of us love all types of pizza. Kara and I love making food ‘mini’ so we shaped our pizzas into pizette, mini pizzas. They were so cute! You could always make them a little bit bigger, if you prefer.

The first couple of recipes we made that day were not appetizing to Cliff so he had been waiting patiently for this particular recipe. I laughed so hard when their dog, Juno, grabbed the plate of pizzette from the counter and they all fell to the floor. Juno is no more than 1 foot tall, but she knows good food and she can jump high to get her paws on it. Luckily the plate that Cliff was picturing was safe from Juno and Cliff still had those to eat. They were so good that Kara and I put the 5 second rule into place and still scarfed down the floor pizzette. #notashamedtoadmit

Here’s what you’ll need. We used crushed red pepper too, forgot to picture it!

To the heated oil, cook crushed tomatoes over medium heat and mix in garlic, salt, basil and crushed red pepper.

While the sauce cooks, roll the dough out thin and cut it into rounds

Fry the pizettes until golden brown, should form little bowls. Transfer to paper towel-lined plate

Top with sauce and freshly grated parmesan