Live Love Pasta’s Favorite Soup Recipes

Minestrone…My all time favorite soup. I never knew I liked Minestrone Soup until I tried this particular recipe. So if you’re going to try only one of our favorite soups, make sure it’s this one! Although I really think you should try them all! :)

Ox Tail Soup is not one that I will try. Unfortunately I just can’t get past the name. Ox tail? Huh? But this is Cliff’s favorite and it’s a family recipe of his. I think this is a man’s soup. Make it for your man!

Kara and I made this Creamy Lemon Chicken Noodle Soup recipe up one day and it turned out to be one of our new favorites. We used rotisserie chicken so the recipe came together really fast. We each took leftovers to work for lunches and each day I fell more in love with the subtle lemon flavor. Plus the pastina is so cute!

Beer Cheese Soup. I know beer in soup sounds a little strange but the beer and cheese combo was actually quite nice, a good balance of salt and tang. The garlic crostini dipper was absolutely to die for with the soup.

Lasagna Soup always makes me laugh because all three of us had such low expectations of this recipe. I don’t know if it was the idea of lasagna and soup as one or the weird name mafalda. Either way…we were totally wrong! The sausage was a little spicy and it made this hearty and filling. This soup was delicious.

Chicken With Wild Rice Soup…this is our take on my favorite Panera Soup. I think it’s even better than Panera. Honest. Perfect for fall and winter, and a total show stopper in a bread bowl!

I was a Pasta e Fagioli virgin until I tried this recipe. Boy was I missing out! I can’t get enough of Pasta e Fagioli. It’s filling with all the meat, veggies and beans. Ditalini pasta is one of my favorite pastas and it’s perfect in soup.

Creamy Tomato Soup. Tomato soup is just not my thing so I cannot attest to how good this is. But it is one of Kara’s favorites so I’m confident that it’s worth including with the other LLP favorites. Try this one with grilled cheese.

I think the Baked Potato Soup is our most popular soup recipe to date. We got quite a few comments and excellent feedback from our readers. You guys recognize a good recipe when you see one and this one is completely indulgent and delicious.

Cauliflower Soup is one of those recipes that might be passed over and not given a second thought. I think that would be a mistake. Cauliflower might sound kind of bleh and overly veggie…but it’s always been a go-to vegetable in my family and when roasted and topped with aged white cheddar cheese…I mean…oh em gee. It was fantastic. Need I say more?

What’s your favorite soup?