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Well, here we are just a few more days til the big holiday. Are you ready? Is your shopping done? Have you accomplished all of the holiday activities you planned? I am bummed because we have not make it to the Christkindlmarket yet this year. It is pretty much the only holiday outing that I plan. The day we planned to go was cold and rainy, so we skipped it. I am hoping that we still get to go but we are running out of days. Sad.

I am hosting a friends holiday brunch this weekend and still have not finalized my menu. All I know is there will be champagne, amaretto, and orange juice. Those items are non-negotiable. Most people host parties in order to celebrate the holiday with friends and family or to show off their Christmas decorations. My sole motivation for this party was so that I had an excuse to make a cheese croque en bouche that I saw in my Food Network magazine. The life of a food blogger…

I imagine that most people have their holiday baking done by now but I am sure there are a few procrastinators out there. In this instance being a procrastinator might just pay off for you. We have a really great Christmas cookie recipe for you. You know those classic peanut butter blossom cookies that everyone loves? We substituted Biscoff for peanut butter. Yum! I may never go back to the peanut butter ones again! While making the dough you could really smell the Biscoff. Once baked, the flavor was much more subtle but it definitely came through. If you are still baking, these should definitely be on your list!

We are going to take the next week off to relax and celebrate Christmas with our family. We will be back on the 2nd! Have a great Christmas!

Here is what you'll need

Here is what you’ll need

Biscoff Blossoms 2

Cream together the butter, Biscoff, and sugar

Biscoff Blossoms 3

Add the brown sugar too

Biscoff Blossoms 4

Add the vanilla and the egg

Biscoff Blossoms 5

Add the flour mixture

Biscoff Blossoms 6

Roll into balls and coat in sugar

Biscoff Blossoms 7

Bake for 10 minutes and top with a Hershey Kiss. Bake 1 more minute.

Santa will love them and so will you!

Santa will love them and so will you!