Our Favorite Holiday Cookies

Are you finished with your Christmas cookie baking? I hope not! And if you are, there is always room for more cookies this time of year. Here are our favorite Christmas cookies. Add these to your list and make beautiful cookie trays that have a little bit of everything.

Holly Cookies are my absolute favorite out of my Aunt Connie’s Christmas cookies. Well, those AND the orange zest cookies that I’ll never remember the name of. I always just call them orange zest cookies and…no joke…I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t even orange zest in them. :-/

Anyways, my Christmas would not be complete without these Holly Cookies. I could eat the whole batch myself.

Browned butter. Need I say anything else?? I think not. Kara and I are both obsessed with these Brown Sugar Cookies. And for good reason.

Black and White Cookies are a perfect cookie to make if you need a showstopper for your cookie trays. They are fancy! Like the black tie of cookies.

Candied Almonds Okay. I know these are not cookies. DUH. But they’re an excellent treat to gift to friends, family and co-workers.  You can make a big batch and separate the almonds into festive little jars. Add a bow to make them extra special. And they taste good too! They’re one of our Christmas staples.

I think Pizelles should be a Christmas cookie requirement. They have a pretty snowflake pattern stamped on them and they give you an excuse to buy those round tins (which the Pizelles fit in PERFECTLY) from Hobby Lobby. I think this Italian cookie is popular around both Christmas and Easter, although we generally make them for Christmas.

I know virtually nothing about the background of Palmiers but I do know that Christmas is not complete without some sort of gingerbread. And since we did not make gingerbread men (waah!) this year, these gingerbread palmiers are where it’s at. I think they’re pretty darn cute too.

M&M Cookies are one of my favorite cookies…like ever. These are perfectly chewy and since they’re just slightly undercooked, they’re so soft they melt in your mouth (not in your hand). You can buy Christmas M&Ms too and these would be over the top adorable.

Peppermint Bark is a really nice accent to cookie trays. I think I’m going to say that a lot in this cookie post, but really…variety is important. You want actual cookies…for sure. But you also want some fun treats that add color, shape, texture and visual interest. You eat with your eyes first, right? Make it pretty!

Please see my comment about peppermint bark above and insert here. Biscoff Pretzel Bites are ah-mazing!!! And add some fun holiday sprinkles too.

Fancy Decorated Oreos are one of our most recent successes here at LLP. Who knew that molds could make Oreos dipped in chocolate perfectly smooth and shiny?! And the patterns on top? Please! Too cute for words.

We make Lemon Ricotta Cookies several times throughout the year. They’re probably my all-time favorite cookie. And I think I get more compliments about these cookies than anything else I’ve made. Pillows of heaven I tell you.