Pomegranate and Strawberry Smoothie

Pomegranite and Strawberry Smoothie 4

Ever since Kara and I first tried a pomegranate we’ve been totally hooked and we’ve since tried it sweet, savory and now healthy. They’re tart and weird (in a good way) and super healthy. We decided that incorporating pomegranate into a smoothie would be perfect for right after the new year as pomegranates are readily available and light and healthy is in and unhealthy is out. I’m sure we’ll be back to sugary sweets and pasta in no time though, don’t worry!

We didn’t have our blender handy so we just dumped all the ingredients into a large measuring cup and used our immersion blender. Worked like a charm and we used…maybe 2 dishes. Kara doesn’t like banana so I made a special smoothe for her without banana and that one turned out really yummy too. Whenever I make smoothies I always think to myself that I need to make them more often because they are refreshing and filling. I think healthy smoothies will be a goal for me in 2013.

Also…my adorable dog made herself comfortable right in Cliff’s shot so we went with it. I think it adds something special to the picture. :) She’s so cute I can’t even take it.

Here's what you'll need

Here’s what you’ll need

Put yogurt, banana, strawberry and pomegrante juice in a bowl

Put yogurt, banana, strawberries and pomegranate juice in a bowl or blender

We used an immersion blender. You could use a blender too

Blend. Can’t mess this one up!

Best smoothie and cutest puppy!

Best smoothie and cutest puppy!