Beet and Blood Orange Smoothie

Beet Smoothie 4 A friend from work has gotten me completely hooked on smoothies/juices with veggies. And not just the standard spinach or kale. I mean beets!! Beets beets beets! Anytime I can go to a restaurant where freshly squeezed juice with carrot or beets is available, I am going to order it. What better way to get veggies in your diet than to drink them in something that tastes sweet? It’s genius!

As of right now I am not the proud owner of a juicer. At least not yet. So no homemade carrot juice for me. But luckily I can use a food processor to incorporate beets into a yummy smoothie.

I know it sounds kind of weird. And I’m not going to lie…the beets were not 100% masked by berries and citrus. But only a hint of beet flavor actually came through so don’t be scared to try. But be warned…if you completely detest beets then this might not be the smoothie for you. I loved this smoothie and the vibrant color made this the most beautiful smoothie we’ve made to date.

Here's what you'll need

Here’s what you’ll need


Dice a cooked beet

Process yogurt, beet, blood orange juice, berries and honey. That's it!!

Process yogurt, beet, blood orange juice, berries and honey. That’s it!!


Our prettiest colored smoothie yet 🙂