Sangria Float

Sangria Float 5

Summertime means fun drinks if you ask me. When I saw this recipe in June’s issue of Food Network Magazine Kara and I both agreed it would be fun  to try out. Even better, it’s ridiculously easy. So are you ready for a recipe that takes all of 30 seconds to prepare?

I thought so. 😉

When choosing our ingredients, we tried to go the healthier route with fat free sorbet and a lower calorie wine. It took me probably 15 minutes to decide on what sorbet to go with and I finally opted for blood orange. Yum! The Skinnygirl California Red is 100 calories per serving and it’s mild, considering it’s red. I’m not a big fan of red wine and for that reason I generally stay away from Sangria. But with the citrus and fruity sorbet it was definitely easy to drink.

Sangria is perfect for a BBQ or girls night. Actually it’s perfect for just about anything. And a Sangria Float is a fun little spin on a classic.

Here's what you'll need

Here’s what you’ll need

Chop up some lemons and limes

Chop up some lemons and limes. Put a couple in each glass

Scoop sorbet into tall glasses

Scoop sorbet into tall glasses

Top off with red wine...we used skinny girl

Top off with red wine…we used skinny girl

Drink up!

Drink up!

Sangria Float
2013-06-07 04:11:06

Serves 2

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  1. 4 scoops blood orange sorbet, or flavor of your choice
  2. 1 bottle red wine (we used Skinnygirl California Red)
  3. 1 lemon
  4. 1 lime
  1. Cut the lemon and lime into small wedges.
  2. Place a few wedges into 2 tall drinking glasses.
  3. Place 2 generous scoops of sorbet into each glass and pour cold red wine on top.
  4. Serve immediately.
Adapted from Food Network Magazine, June 2013 issue
Adapted from Food Network Magazine, June 2013 issue