Pistachio and Amaretto Fruit Dip

Pistachio and Amaretto Fruit Dip 3

I’ve never been a dipper. I don’t dip my bread in gravy. I don’t like things soggy. In fact, the idea of soggy anything is terrifying to me. I do like me some ketchup though. I put ketchup on things that should not have ketchup on them. Like hot dogs. It drives Cliff crazy. It is un-American. Or at least un-Chicagoan.One thing I never dipped was fruit. I was perfectly happy to eat my fruit plain. That is until now. I don’t know if I’ll ever eat another plain strawberry in my life ever again. That might be a little dramatic but I really, really like this dip. A lot. Alot alot. Alot.

When Kelly suggested we add booze to pudding and cool whip I had just one thought. Disaronno. Disaronno is my fave. I am not a drinker but even I will make an exception for a little amaretto. Amaretto with orange juice and club soda is yum! So I knew if we were going to do it we would have to use amaretto. Actually, I couldn’t believe how good this turned out. I didn’t expect to like it half as much as I did. I even bought a new large carton of strawberries so that this didn’t go to waste. We used mangos and strawberries as dippers but I think pineapple and peaches would be great too. Doesn’t hurt that this is super simple as well. Maybe too simple. Nothing to stop me from whipping this up when the craving hits!

Here is what you'll need

Here is what you’ll need

Combine the cool whip and pudding. Add the amaretto.

Combine the cool whip and pudding. Add the amaretto.

Simple but delicious.

Simple, but delicious.

Pistachio and Amaretto Fruit Dip
2013-08-04 13:35:23

Serves 10

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Total Time
10 min

Total Time
10 min

  1. 12 ounces cool whip
  2. 1 small package instant pistachio pudding
  3. 2 Tablespoons amaretto
  4. fruit for dipping
  1. Combine the cool whip and pistachio pudding.
  2. Mix well.
  3. Add the amaretto.
  4. Serve with fresh fruit.
By Kara Smith
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