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I am so excited to begin sharing our San Francisco adventure with you guys. We traveled west to the Bay area over Labor Day weekend…Cliff, Kara, Winnie (baby’s first plane ride!!!) and me. And in case you were wondering, W is basically a pro traveler. She had the least number of meltdowns out of all 4 of us!! #notevenjoking

This post is solely dedicated to the Ferry Building. Afterall, Kara and I both agreed that the #1 reason we wanted to go to San Francisco was to eat our way through the Ferry Building. Duh–we’re foodies. Golden Gate Bridge? What’s that?!

I kid.

Anyways, I could ramble on for days about the Ferry Building, but I’ll limit myself to 1 post. And don’t worry, another post (or 2) will follow so you all can read about the rest of our SF experience.  

San Francisco Ferry Building 14

When we first walked inside I felt overwhelmed by the number of food vendors. I knew we couldn’t buy something at every single place so we had to make wise decisions. We did a full walk-through to avoid hasty decisions. Acme Bread was one of the first places we passed.

San Francisco Ferry Building 2

We ended up coming back and buying a croissant and a sourdough cheese wheel. Personally, I thought the croissant was too light. Don’t get me wrong, I know that croissants are supposed to be light and flaky. But this one seemed to be all air. Perhaps we got a bad batch. Lucky for us the sourdough cheese wheel was good. It was crusty like a good sourdough should be and I’m pretty sure the cheese was asiago. It tasted similar to an asiago cheese bagel, but much better.

San Francisco Ferry Building 3

Next to Acme Bread was a beautiful fruit and vegetable stand. All the produce was colorful and freshly picked. The heirloom tomatoes would have made an excellent caprese salad, I’m sure. But we didn’t come there to eat veggies. On to the next.

San Francisco Ferry Building 1

We also passed Cowgirl Creamery’s Cheese Shop and drooled over the glorious cheese spread. Honestly though, how picturesque does this look? Lucky for our hips and thighs, we did not buy any cheese. It would have been inappropriate to buy a hunk of cheese along with all the breads, pastries and desserts we were gearing up to buy/devour.

San Francisco Ferry Building 4

As we walked out the back doors looking for a bench to sit at and nosh, we passed Frog Hollow Farm. We stopped and Cliff ordered a coffee, I got tea and ordered this awesome Risotto Tartlet. Gosh, I wish I had thought of this before Frog Hollow Farms did!! It’s genius. Genius! I never thought to use risotto in anything but savory dishes. Baked in a lightly sweet tartlett, this was seriously fantastic. We immediately added it to our list of ‘must recreate’.

San Francisco Ferry Building 7

Round one of eating was just an appetizer, we were ready to go back inside for more. Kara and I were on a mission to eat our way through this building. We came back in and stopped at this little Asian….folding table?? I think it was actually part of Imperial Tea Court right behind, but I’m not sure! I ordered a BBQ pork bun. We all agreed that this was only okay. The pork filling was good but there was so much more steamed bun than there was filling.

San Francisco Ferry Building 8

At this point we hit the motherload. Doughnuts!!!! We got a Nutella filled doughnut with a sugar coated outside and it ended up being one of my favorite things in the entire building. Heck…the entire country!! We liked these doughnuts so much that we were going to venture back to the Ferry Building the next day too…but the lady said they wouldn’t be there because it was Labor Day.

I probably stomped my foot at precisely that moment.

San Francisco Ferry Building 5

Here’s a picture of the inside of the doughnut. They did not skimp on filling!

San Francisco Ferry Building 6

And here’s a picture of me inhaling the doughnut as if I’ve never seen food before. Nothing to look at here people, keep on walking.

San Francisco Ferry Building 9

Normal people would be stuffed at this point but we’ve only just begun. We hit up El Porteno next and ordered 3 (count ’em-3) empenadas! One empenada had fontina and prosciutto, one had beef, pimiento stuffed olives, raisins and hard-boiled eggs and the last one was banana and dulce de leche. All 3 of us loved the fontina and prosciutto empenanda, the cheese was perfectly gooey and the empenada crust was flaky. I also like that the prosciutto was not overpowering. However, we all agreed the other two were nothing special. The beef one was decent but I wasn’t expecting it to be ground beef, that kind of threw me for a loop.

San Francisco Ferry Building 10

Right across from El Porteno was a cool place called La Cocina. We brought a package of Kika’s Treats to help support a good cause. Because us foodies have to stick together. And who doesn’t like chocolate covered cookies. Am I right?! In a nutshell, La Cocina is an organization that provides resources like commercial kitchen space, technical assistance and access to markets like the Ferry Building to help food entrepreneurs grow their small businesses.

Plus they gave free samples and we’re into that.

San Francisco Ferry Building 11

Cool architecture right? It was such a beautiful day that Sunday, you can see the sun shining through the windows. Love it!

San Francisco Ferry Building 12

Ok we’ve made it. This is the place that brought us to San Francisco. We read all about Bakerella’s trip to SF and her experience at Miette (which, by the way, I’m jealous of…why couldn’t I be a judge for a chocolate contest?). Anyways, her post was all the convincing we needed to check Miette out for ourselves. We of course chose the Mini Scharffen Berger Cake. Look at it…how can you not buy it?

San Francisco Ferry Building 13

I also got a wrapped caramel from the jars on the counter. Yum!!! Surprisingly we were pretty full at this point so we did not get anything else even though the cupcakes, macarons and other pastries all looked delicious.

Why didn’t we start here!?!?!?!

San Francisco Ferry Building 12b

The Mini Scharffen Berger Cake came nicely packaged in a box so we continued on with our day and saved this treat for our nightly dessert. I was quite worried that it wouldn’t survive because our long day included taking a bus (including a transfer) all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge straight from the Ferry Building. And then back to our hotel.

Thank goodness it survived. And just a tiny smudge on the top, not bad! This cake was unbelievable. It was uber chocolately, uber rich and uber perfect. The chocolate cake is perfectly moist and topped with this thick chocolate frosting. Ohmygosh

San Francisco Ferry Building 15

So that wraps up our day at The Ferry Building! It was a smashing success and a highlight of our trip.

I honestly can’t believe that my jeans didn’t split after all the eating.

 Do you have any stories of the Ferry Building or San Francisco, we’d love to hear them!