Green City Market

Green City Market 9

A few weekends ago Kara, Cliff, Winnie, my Mom and I stepped away from the kitchen and enjoyed a beautiful, warm Saturday at our favorite farmer’s market, Green City. Our first (but definitely not last) Green City trip of 2014!

Green City Market 11
Near the entrance to Green City, we walked past these bright colored umbrellas that a guy was hand painting and glitterfying right on the spot. We all eyed them then ended up coming back to buy one. It took Kara and me a solid 15 minutes to narrow our choices and finally decide on one for Winnie. Obviously we couldn’t leave without buying Winnie a fancy umbrella!

Green City Market 4
Next it was on to all the locally grown fruits and vegetables. Look at the size of this sweet potato! Bigger than Kara’s head! I can’t remember if these were sold each or by weight. Yikes!

Green City Market 2
I love the purple and green asparagus! I don’t even like asparagus but these stalks look pretty enough to eat.

Green City Market 3
There were berries upon berries upon berries. We didn’t buy any because they were uber expensive, but they were so darn cute in those turquoise crates. In addition to berries there are lots of jams and jellies. And even smoothies made with fresh fruit! Kara and I split a peach/pear smoothie and it was pretty delish!

I despise mushrooms, but these fungi are definitely worth a mention because there were literally a million different kinds. You could package up your own bag too, mixing and matching as you please. #shrooms

Green City Market 7
Now this is definitely more my speed. Gayle’s Best Ever Grilled Cheese. Of course we got one. I mean…duh. Gayle did not disappoint. Winnie loves Grilled Cheese so we got it for her. Not for us. I swear.

Green City Market 8
It shocks me that I got this tamale. Not because it was a tamale, but because it was a vegan tamale made with mushrooms and asparagus, two ingredients I hate. But we paid $1 extra for the tamale to be smothered in not at all vegan garlic cheese sauce (money well spent) and I thought it looked amazing. Plus the mushrooms and asparagus were minced up so I didn’t really know they were there. Ummmm yum!

Green City Market 6
They had a wood burning pizza oven too. We didn’t order a pizza because we were gorging on everything else in sight. Plus, after eating pizza from wood burning ovens in Italy, nothing else compares. #namedropping #foodsnob

Green City Market 1
Last but not least Green City has the most gorgeous flowers! There are fresh cut flowers that you pick yourself and they’ll wrap up in paper packaging, or you can buy potted plants. So pretty! That one hanging plant was enormous.

Green City Market 12
Just north of Green City is the lovely Lincoln Park Zoo. So of course we hit that up too. First up was the petting zoo.

Green City Market 13
Winnie is an absolute pro when it comes to animal sounds so of course this guy got a big ‘Mooooo’ from our Winnie!

We hit up the main zoo next but didn’t snap any pics, just enjoyed some quality time together. As she did during out last LP Zoo visit, Winnie slept through the zoo. Oh well! We had fun!