Artifact Uprising Review & Giveaway

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After Winnie was born I knew I wanted to do a really great job of documenting her babyhood and childhood. Cliff takes a ton of pictures, so we have no excuses. We worked really hard to get monthly pictures done and to document all the things we have done together. We have folders and folders of pictures on our hard drive but I wanted to put together a book of all of Winnie’s “firsts”. Some of the pictures are monthly pictures with the stickers you always see. Some are silly, like Winnie’s first glass of wine. Other pictures document all the special places we went to during her first year, like Mexico and Disneyland. There are every day pictures, milestone pictures, and of course pictures from the big first birthday party. In other words, these were very special pictures to us. Pictures that I would be heartbroken to lose.

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My parents have a ton of pictures of us from when we were young, but they are in low quality albums and they are just a mess. I wanted something that would stand the test of time.

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I researched different companies that sold custom photo books but they were all kind of boring; predictable. And just not pretty. I wanted sleek and clean. I wanted something that looked like a coffee table book that belonged in the studio of a professional photographer. One of the blogs I read did a review of Artifact Uprising and I thought this might be the company I was looking for. We contacted them to see if they would send us a book to review. Luckily for us, they agreed. I spent about a month putting together all the pictures of Winnie’s first year. I narrowed it down to 108 pictures. It was tough. I played with different photo sizes and arrangements. I shuffled some pictures around. I made some pages with multiple shots. Pretty much every aspect of this book is customizable. I designed my 8.5 in x 8.5 in book and hit submit. Then I waited about 7 days to get my book.

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I am really happy with the results. This book definitely has the look and feel I was going for. It doesn’t look cheap. The pictures aren’t glossy (hate glossy). And I think this is a great way to relive Winnie’s first year. I think this is a book she will cherish when she is all grown up with a family of her own. And until then I can look at the book and remember when she was an itty bitty little baby.

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But for now I mostly tell her, get your peanut buttery hands away from that book!

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Luckily for you guys, you can win your very own 5.5 in x 5.5 in photo book. Artifact Uprising was a great company to work with. One that I would (and have) recommended to others.

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