Capannari Ice Cream

Capanarris Ice Cream 3 

 Like I mentioned last week we are struggling a little with figuring out how to create content for this blog and also spend time with our family. One way we plan to do this is by doing more restaurant and trip reports. We love to eat and travel and we think you do too. We have 5 trips coming up in the next 6 weeks so you will be seeing more of that sort of thing than usual. We figured we might as well start with one of our very favorite local places, Capannari Ice Cream.

For Winnie’s first birthday we gave her ice cream instead of a cake but she was only interested in the cone. My sister- in-law has taken Winnie out for ice cream and frozen yogurt a few times too but she just hasn’t been into it. I was beginning to worry that my child didn’t like ice cream! Serious tragedy. Kelly, Cliff, Winnie, and I went out for ice cream and Winnie ate nearly our whole flight. Yes, flight. That is one of the things I love about Capannari’s. They serve ice cream flights. No need to pick just one or two flavors. You get to pick 4. They are little scoops but just enough that we could all taste a bit of each.

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Capanarris Ice Cream 1

We got malted butter fudge, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and cake batter ice cream. Winnie loved them all. She would not give up that spoon or share the ice cream. My favorite was mint chocolate chip. That has been my favorite flavor my whole life, with peanut butter chocolate coming in a close second. Capannari’s is an old building located in downtown Mr. Prospect, Illinois that housed a general store in the 1800’s. The building was restored and has some old vintage desks and other pieces. The store itself has very little seating but there is plenty of outdoor seating including a little butterfly garden next door. It is a great place to sit and enjoy your ice cream. If you are from the area(or visiting) you should definitely go visit!

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Someone needs to work on their sharing!

Someone needs to work on their sharing!