Seattle Part Three

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I hope you have been enjoying our Seattle trip reports. Today I have days 3, 4 and 5 for you. We really had an amazing trip and hope to visit again soon.

On our third day we took the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. The cost of the ferry was only $8 and the crossing took about 30 minutes. On the way there we saw huge neon colored jelly fish in the water. I guess this is fairly normal but for us midwesterners it was a first. We were also able to get some great pics of the Seattle skyline. Winnie loved riding the ferry. I think it was her favorite part of our trip. Well that and jumping on the air mattress. There were tons of people on the ferry for her to wave and smile at. Plus there were lots of dogs, which are her favorite. She ran around that ferry the whole 30 minutes like a wild woman. You can either drive onto the ferry or walk on. We walked on. So, once we got to Bainbridge Island we walked into the downtown area. It was a quick 10 minute walk from the ferry terminal. There are a ton of cute shops and restaurants. We also visited the farmer’s market which was small but still nice. We ended up eating at The Madison Diner.  They had all kinds of food; burgers, breakfast, sandwiches and of course shakes. Everything was delicious. We were able to eat outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Winnie ran around the ferry for the full half hour ride back too. I don’t know where she gets her energy. I was exhausted. On the way back we were able to catch a glimpse of Mt. Rainier. It was the only day we were able to see it. I’d love to go visit on our next trip. After the trip to Bainbridge we headed back home. Winnie was an overtired mess so we decided instead of going out to dinner we would let her run around at the park and we got take out fish and chips. Yum!

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While walking from the ferry to the car we came across Top Pot Doughnuts. We couldn’t very well pass up doughnuts!

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Making sure the doughnuts arrive home safely

The next day we drove out to Snoqualmie Falls. It was a beautiful drive to the falls. I think pretty much all landscapes are beautiful compared to the suburbs of Chicago. Once we got to the falls we went to the viewing deck. It was so foggy you could barely see anything. Fortunately for us, it cleared up almost immediately. After going to a couple lookout points we hiked down to the bottom of the falls. It was an easy, if a little steep, downhill hike. There are two areas at the bottom. One with a great view of the falls and one where you can play on the rocks in the river. At the first stop we were able to see salmon swimming in the river. It is a very picturesque place to visit and I highly recommend taking a day and seeing the falls. Luckily for us we did not have to hike up the trail. We had Deb pick us up at the bottom. I don’t think I would have made it with Winnie strapped to my back. We were home from the falls by 1pm and then it was time to watch Sunday football, play boggle and make s’mores. Even on vacation we have to keep up with all the games.

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The next day was our last day. We had to be at the airport at 1pm so we did not have much time. We drove to Mukilteo to see the lighthouse and walk by the beach. Winnie loved running around the beach and collecting rocks. It was a fight to get her to leave. Afterwards we ate a quick breakfast and took Winnie to run around at the park before sticking her on a 4 hour plane ride.

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As I said before Seattle has become one of my favorite cities. The city itself is beautiful. There is great food and great little neighborhoods. I love all of the outdoor activities, too.

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