Christmas 2014 Round-Up

Christmas is the time of year to indulge your inner sweet tooth. You really need to stuff your face silly before the New Year rolls around and you give up the unhealthy eats. For obvious reasons it’s one of my favorite times of the year!

It seems like I spend more and more time scouring our cookbooks and the world wide web deciding on the perfect cookie recipes to bake each year. I actually stress out over it! My Mom, Kara and I also spend a ridiculous amount of time working and re-working our Christmas Eve menu. There’s just so many delicious foods out there and we want to choose the best and most special ones.

We decided to do a last minute round-up of some of our favorite holiday recipes in case you, like us, are still finalizing your menus.

Happy Holidays to all our wonderful LLP readers.

Christmas Punch 7
This Christmas Punch is a great choice if you’re looking for a festive signature drink.

Holly Cookies
Holly Cookies are my favorite. I didn’t make any this year so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my Aunt Connie did!

Brown Sugar Cookies 10
Brown Sugar Cookies are a great choice to add to your holiday cookie platters.

Candied Almonds 7
These Candied Almonds make awesome homemade gifts and they are also addicting.

Peppermint Bark 6
And this Peppermint Bark is ANOTHER easy and yummy treat to giveaway to friends, co-workers, etc.

Black Bottom Hot Chocolate 10
This is my favorite hot chocolate and it is the ultimate indulgence when you’re curled up in a blanket  in front of the fireplace.

Monkey Bread Cupcakes with Pomegranate Seeds 8
These individual monkey breads are a yummy breakfast treat after opening presents. Plus the pomegranate jewels are fancy!

Palmiers 13
Palmiers are easy to make plus they impress…and this is a winning combination.